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Just Enjoy Health Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by Dr. Meghan Birt who is a chiropractor, health coach, real foodie and blogger. Join Dr. Meghan as she takes you through her own health journey, what she’s learning and how you can apply this knowledge in your life. While on the journey Dr. Meghan will share through solo episodes and guest interviews on topics of health, nutrition, healing, exercise, faith, self-care and truly loving and appreciating the body God gave you. Truth is shared and a healthy lifestyle is within your reach.
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The Just Enjoy Health Podcast | Health | Wellness | Faith | Real Food | Women | Chiropractic | Self-Care |



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Sep 25, 2015


This message is really near and dear to my heart. Why? Because I believe that our health is made through consistent choices and healthy habits. We don't build health in sporadic high intensity bursts, that tends to overwhelm us and burn us out. We give up with not much (or anything) having changed.

Consistency. That's where the real fruit comes from.

Consistency builds habits, makes room for any bumps in the road, keeps us moving ahead one step at a time. It leaves room for grace over guilt. 

Listen for much more information about how to build consistency into your healthy lifestyle.

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Sep 14, 2015

This week's podcast is a mini podcast. It's quick and short in length and is perfect for a little bit of encouragement for your diet. I'm a believer that healthy food can be fun and should be fun. We shouldn't live and struggle with deprivation and starting when eating well. We should take some time and enjoy dessert (healthy desserts) and figure out what foods make us feel satisfied, nourished and fueled all at the same time.


-Dr. Meghan

Sep 1, 2015

One of the most important things I do in my week is prepare for the week ahead. It may sound a little bit crazy, but setting aside time and getting purposeful about my schedule and plan helps me have the best week I can and take full advantage of all of the time available to me. When I say take full advantage of my week, I don't mean fill up every minute. I mean to plan out the week to schedule in work, rest and people that matter.

When I plan an evening of rest I make sure to get my rest in my week. When my husband and I plan a date night we actually have a date that week. It also helps me get together with friends I want to stay in community with.

Learn all about my 3P week and get the free download to start planning your week. (Enter your email below to get the free download directly in your inbox. High quality to use it week after week)

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