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Just Enjoy Health Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by Dr. Meghan Birt who is a chiropractor, health coach, real foodie and blogger. Join Dr. Meghan as she takes you through her own health journey, what she’s learning and how you can apply this knowledge in your life. While on the journey Dr. Meghan will share through solo episodes and guest interviews on topics of health, nutrition, healing, exercise, faith, self-care and truly loving and appreciating the body God gave you. Truth is shared and a healthy lifestyle is within your reach.
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The Just Enjoy Health Podcast | Health | Wellness | Faith | Real Food | Women | Chiropractic | Self-Care |



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Oct 22, 2015

I love eating out at a restaurant. I don't do it often and I really didn't much when I was experiencing all of my digestive symptoms (why pay to go out for a stomach ache?). There are days that I don't want to cook or Phil and I want to go on a date night. Sometimes I want to go and try new foods or a great new farm to table restaurant in town.

When I go out to eat I don't want to sacrifice my health or the satisfaction of a great tasting meal. I have learned over the years how to eat at a restaurant healthy.

You will learn:

  • How to choose a good restaurant
  • How to make modifications to a menu item
  • How to order with healthy substitutions
  • How NOT to make you server upset with your substitutions (I joke, but this can be a fun art to learn)
  • Some examples of how I eat healthy at a restaurant


Eating Healthy Can be Fun!!

What are some of your favorite things to order at a restaurant? How do you make healthy substitutions?

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Oct 9, 2015

This episode is going to be one you want to listen to over and over again. I interview Meg Doll, RHN and we dig into some deep talk about emotions with food, our relationship with food, finding freedom with food and learning how to love your body. She is a wealth of knowledge and something all of us women need to hear. And often times we need to hear this message on a daily basis.

In this interview you will learn:

  • What is Disordered Eating?
  • How to get over disordered eating and have a healthy relationship with food
  • How to achieve balance with your body and food relationships
  • How to be intuitive with your eating and ditch food rules and things that don't work
  • How we can be healthy and eat intuitively at the same time
  • How to find freedom with food

Learn more about Meg Doll



The Nourished Podcast


When you are in denial you need to hit that rock bottom and figure it out yourself. Disordered eating means you don't have a healthy relationship with food. Does it stress you out? Always thinking about food? More than likely you will have rules tied to food. This is disordered eating.


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